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Kitkat Green Tea

Kitkat Green Tea
Kitkat Green Tea
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Kitkat Green Tea

【Production / Raw Materials Commitment】 Raw Materials: Kit cut is the most important feature We emphasize the sense of crispness of the wafer and the chocolate balance, we use the optimum raw material to realize the taste suitable for that texture . Manufacturing method: Wafer manufacturing technology / manufacturing method is a superiority advantage that can not be imitated elsewhere. Including the ratio of wafer and chocolate, we stick to the best texture. After wafer fabrication, chocolate molding is done with chocolate mold. By crush & spread manufacturing method, crushed biscuits were uniformly kneaded into powdered tea chocolate. 【Characteristics of taste】 Incorporating biscuits and Gyokuro Uji tea into Kitcut, using sticking Uji Matcha, realized the full flavor of Matcha. 【Appearance Features】 Contents Chocolate appearance is a shape in which two rows of sticks are connected, each with "KitKat" and brand embossed. You can see Gyokuji Uji Tea Leaves in green color of Matcha. The package design expressed the brand logo, the logo of "sweetness of adults" and the sizzle of quality tea with a sense of quality in a simple and stylish manner, expressing full-fledged green tea of ​​"deep, dark".

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